• Kim Watson


For those have been following me on Instagram (here) you already know that my partner Nicole from This Love Life and I started a series of photo editing tutorials using phone apps called #ThEditRoom. We’ve had so much fun seeing how you take all of our tips and apply them to your own photos! Making these tutorials is time consuming but the response that we’ve gotten from you, has really made it worth it!

One of the most frequent questions that we get is when we’re else (aside from our IG stories every Tuesday night) can you guys find our tutorials? Well, Nicole and I decide that we will be sending our tutorials out to your email subscribers. This way, for those that sign up, you’ll always have first access to our tutorials.

Instead of doing my usual IG stories, I decided to try something new. Below is my Tuesday Tutorial for May 23. The quality isnt great, horrible really, (again, first time doing this) so please forgive me! Hopefully I’ll know what I’m doing by next week!

For now, I hope you enjoy the video and have signed up (here) to get access to future videos! In the mean time, if you find our work useful and would like to see more, please use our hashtag #ThEditRoom when posting your art! Thank you and have a great evening!



UPDATED with a 1080P video so be sure to turn the quality up!



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