• Kim Watson

#togetherwemother | The Moment You First Found Out You Were Going To Be A Mother

22. The tender age I was when I first found out that I was going to be a mother. Myself, I was barely out of the stage of going from despising my own mother to learning how truly amazing that woman really is. A child carrying a child. 

It was a winter’s day when I remember taking the test. I remember already knowing before I knew and the test was just to confirm what I had already been feeling for the past few weeks.

My husband at the time, had no idea. I had plans of surprising him by getting a silver Tiffany rattle engraved and giving it to him as an announcement. Looking back, life through my eyes was still such a fairytale. The moment those two lines of confirmation developed, I immediately started planning…EVERYTHING. Nursery, outfits, birthdays, holidays, vacations, traditions, her whole entire life. I had so many aspirations to be THAT mom. The mom that always remembered, the one that always planned ahead, you know, the one that we all hope to be. I wanted to give her days filled with beautiful memories, a happy home with loving parents, and a dog. Have to have the dog. What’s a good life without a dog?! Well, from my last post for this series, you know that life had other plans for me.

The expectations that we have for ourselves are always in good 

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