• Kim Watson

Staying hydrated with Closca bottle and water app

It’s always such a struggle for me to stay hydrated and when water isnt readily available, I tend to skip it and it shows in the way I feel and look. We tend to spend so much much on products such as skincare and vitamins to heal and help us from the inside out but often tend to forget that a lot of the benefits we seek in those products, can be found in just drinking a lot of water!

I’m guilty of this and always tell myself that I need to make it a point to stay more hydrated and so when my friends at Closca told me that they wanted to send me one of their new borosilicate glass water bottles, I hoped that it would be the cure to helping stay more hydrated, and that’s exactly what it did.

The borosilicate glass is one of the toughest glasses available, in case those of you who are wondering about the practicality of carrying around a glass bottle. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a silicone sleeve (for added protection)  that has a genius velcro flap that allows for it to be tethered to practically anything. In addition to it’s sleek design, Closca even invented a phone app that will allow you to locate the closest place for you to refill the bottle for free! No more excuses!

Closca is an environmentally conscious company that’s produces products made from recycled and sustainable material. This bottle not only helps you stay hydrated while looking good, it also is consciously made and I am happy to partner with them in sharing their kickstarter for the Bottle + App campaign.

The nothing-short-of-genius velcro sleeve allows you to tether it to your purse strap, bike frame, backpack strap and so much more!

The perfect companion when you’re on the go!


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