• Kim Watson

Staying Cool with Motel 6

This post is in partnership with Motel 6. Thank you for always supporting the companies that I love supporting!

Vegas is known to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. People come here from all over the world to see the millions of neon lights and grandeur hotels that stretch your imagination. However, for those to reside in Vegas, summertime is nothing short but brutal. The temperatures average around 110+ degrees and AC becomes your best friend.

Finding things to do with your kids becomes pretty challenging. Any outdoor activities such as hiking and going to the park really is hard to bear, for kids and parents alike. We are always on the hunt for a watering hole but sometimes, a staycation is just what’s needed. I am so happy to be partnering up with Motel 6 again (we stayed with then during our time at Disneyland back in spring. See here)! Their newly renovated properties are just beautiful. Both properties that we stayed at were clean, updated, safe and offered exactly what we needed for our stay; relaxation…oh and AC!!

This weekend the girls and I stayed at their Vegas property just off of the strip. I loved how close it is to all the shopping and downtown attractions but without the hassle of dealing with hotel traffic. The girls loved their enormous sparkling pool and I loved that I didn’t have to pack a suitcase just to get away! Each room was updated beautifully with comfy beds and cold ac. Did I mention AC was important? :D

Upon checking in the girls, of course, had to have their obligatory hotel bed jump. It’s been a tradition that they’ve been doing for all of our vacations and it always just jumpstarts the mood. Afterwards, we immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. I mean, when it’s THAT hot out, how could you resist?

We had a ton of fun just lounging and swimming by the pool. After swimming for what seemed like all day, we retired in our room and ordered some grub. The girls got comfy and we retreated to binge watching some cartoons. It was such a fun and relaxing time and the perfect way to cool off. Thank you, Motel 6, for the fun mini girls getaway! The next time you’re looking to get far away, or stay close, look intoMotel 6and check out their gorgeous renovated properties!



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