• Kim Watson

National Girls & Women in Sports Day with ATHLETA

This post is in partnership and sponsored by Athleta. Thank you all for your continuous support in the brands that I believe in!

So honored to be teaming up with Athleta again, this time to celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day! This spring Madelyn will be trying out for track and field and while she is excited, I have to be honest that I am a little envious that she’s a runner.

Growing up, I’ve always excelled in sports but when it came to running, I was never good at it. It would always gas me out to the point where I was seeing stars. I always wished that I was able to run longer distances and enjoy it more, but even in my adult life, running never became an activity that I could tolerate.

One of the first thing’s that Maddy asked me after she told me that she was interested in trying out for track and field was, “will you help me train for tryouts?” I could never turn down the opportunity to support her so of course I said yes, but in my mind, I knew that this would be challenging for the both of us.

In order to meet these challenges, we are taking baby steps in order for our bodies to get acquainted with running and slowing implement it as a daily activity. We will start off with going for walks gradually advancing to power walks, short jogs, and finally to running long distances.

Equally as important as being supportive, being a good role model is just as vital. Being able to show Madelyn that I am here with her every step of the way, despite the challenge, will hopefully instill in her that no matter what fears you may have, it’s never too late to face them.

-A sincere thank you to ATHLETA for always challenging us to be stronger women, better role models, and to always inspire.

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