• Kim Watson

Lessons on Self Care with Athleta

This post is in partnership and sponsored by Athleta. Thank you all for your continuous support in the brands that I believe in!

My first born, the girl who made me a mother, Madelyn has turned 13. Not to mention it’s her last year of middle school before entering probably one of the most impactful times of her life; high school. Raising girls hasn’t always been easy and I find myself saying and doing things that my mother use to say and do, that I swore to myself that I would never say or do to my kids. Hindsight is 20/20 and let’s just say that it is all crystal clear now how my mother must of felt on this end of the relationship.

If my girls could only learn one lesson from me, it would be the importance of self love and care. Because self love should be your first love and one that should never end. Because if you love yourself, you will know what you will and will not tolerate and a lot of life’s problems with have much more simple answers.

Madelyn has started that age where appearance and fitting in is starting to enter her consciousness and while it’s terrifying (for her and me both), we try to have regular talks about this subject and do things together that make us both feel good about ourselves and strengthens our bodies. Evening walks, yoga classes, runs, or just hike to find the perfect spot to take photographs always does the trick. She loves that it’s just us and I love that it is a routine that teaches her the importance of self care. A less we often forget but always welcome. Thank you to Athleta for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity for me and my girl to do what we love in style!

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