• Kim Watson

I Am Enough. International Day of Girls with Athleta

This post is in partnership and sponsored by Athleta. Thank you all for your continuous support in the brands that I believe in!

At home I am always preaching to the girls the power of their mind. Whether it is to teach them to overcome their fears, being mindful of their actions, or teaching them to tell themselves that their best is always best and that no one can ever take away their effort if they give 100% to whatever they do. I can honestly say that I see that this has made a difference in their self esteem and independency at a very young age.

Madelyn made me a mother at the age of 23 and if I’m being honest, I was a baby myself. In a sense, it was almost as if we grew up together and along the way, she’s taught me more lessons about myself and my own capabilities than anyone else. I was able to do something that I never thought that I could do, on my own no less, raise a smart, beautiful, kind, and respectful human being. This is Maddy’s last year of junior high before entering the dreaded (for me, not her) high school years, its more important to me now than ever to make sure that she understands that she is the only person that can ever hold her back.

Here are some of my favorite Mantras to repeat with my girls:

  1. My best is always best.

  2. I am enough.

  3. I a strong, I am brave, all that I need is within ME!

  4. There is only one of me, be the best one!

I love organizations that harness the strength of the female spirit and Athleta is one that imbues just that. For International Day of Girls, I’m so happy to team up with them to share their goals of helping the Girls Leadership Foundation. For every sale of the All Kinds of Powerful mantra, Athleta will donate a portion of the sales (up to $10,000) to help the Girls Leadership foundation to help with all that they are doing to build the women of tomorrow.

Girls today are still seeing so many adversities and organizations like these are truly needed. You guys know that I love Athleta and this partnership is one that I am so proud to be apart of! Help support the cause and get your All Kinds of Power Mantra tee HERE!

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