• Kim Watson

#100DaysofSunshine with Cuties Citrus

Since day one, all three of my girls have been addicted to Cuties clementines. It’s been a staple in our house and they’ve all eaten them so much that now my youngest, who’s not even two, can peel them just as fast as she can eat them!

It’s the one guilt-free snack that I don’t mine letting them indulge on so I was honored to be chosen to join Cuties, in their #100DaysOfSunshine campaign to help spread the word on why we love them so so much and to remind us that no matter how big our differences, they are no match for the power of love.

Having three young girls, it is important for me to teach them to spread kindness and positivity and how a simple act of love can change someone’s day! In our household, we always ask the girls to do at least one nice thing for someone else each day. Even if it means opening the door for them, sharing your snacks with them, or something as simple as giving someone you love a hug. There are so many things going on in the world that can cause us to lose focus but sharing something as simple as your clementines can be a small step to making a big change! Here are a few ways that your kiddos can brighten up the day with Cuties:

Bring a cutie for your teacher  – instead of the old brin

g your teach an app

le routine, share something a little sweeter!

Put cuties in your brother or sister’s lunch box with a note. Every loves a surprise!

Bring extras to share with friends.  – Sharing is caring

Peel some cuties and  put them in water for flavoring – who doesn’t love to flavor up their water?!

Try some wedges on top of your favorite ice creams as a topping! – Imagine rainbow sherbet with cuties on top!


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