• Kim Watson

Back to school with Kindercare

This post is sponsored by KinderCare, all opinions expressed are my own.

The first day of school is nothing new to us. With raising three girls, one about to enter high school soon, we’ve had our fair share of “firsts”. Although, this year will be Maya’s (5) first day of kindergarten, it’s a bit scary to think that her days as a “toddler” are really coming to a close. She has been in daycare since the age of 2 and we’ve been through our share of a few daycares before finding “the one”. The process of finding the right fit wasn’t easy but it did prove to be very important in her learning progress. Before we came upon the preschool that she was attending up until now, the issues that we had with other daycares were that they really were just glorified babysitters that they really didn’t do much to help prepare her for real school.

Why choosing the right daycare is important

Now more than ever, finding the right day care proves to be highly important. With new state standards for education being implemented nationwide, early education is an important step to building a solid foundation for children to carry on through adulthood. After all, 70% of brain development happens in the first 3 years of life! Now that Mila (2) is the only one left in daycare, it is important for us to find a daycare that challenges her and helps her to establish the building blocks that will prepare her for when she, too, enters elementary school. Kindercare was one of the places that we looked at when we were looking for a daycare for Maya. I love their values and dedication to early education. Unlike other daycares their curriculum does not involve only activities such as free play, but I like that Kindercare actually incorporates curriculums that involves preparing kids for kindergarten.

How to find the right daycare

I feel like choosing the right daycare involves a lot listening to your instincts and somewhat of a personal preference. Because preschool is not a requirement, there are no academic tests to gauge the advancement levels of graduating preschoolers. For us, we made sure to ask questions that were important. Here are a few that helped us get a better feel whether which daycare was best for us:

  1. What does a typical day look like for your child?

  2. What does their learning curriculum look like?

  3. What goals are they aiming to teach each child before they advance into another classroom?

Asking these questions really helped us narrow down which place was right for us, and while we don’t have a Kindercare that is close to mine or my husbands work or on the way to our daily commute, we did find that Kindercare was an exceptional choice. Their facilities checked all our boxes and we’ve always received great service from them. Check out their website to learn more about their curriculum or to schedule a tour. www.kindercare.com.

Click here to read KinderCare’s piece on high-quality education.


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