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Alive Vitamins x Kikhaly

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You know how when you were young you could never imagine the older version of yourself? As if you’d never age and your 30’s seemed to be a mythical age that only your parents could reach, that is until you reach that one particular year its strikes you and then you think to yourself, “so this is what it feels like.” This year, year 36, was THE year. My indestructible self started feeling the first signs of aging. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted the pounds would melt right off, aches and pains started making reoccurring visits to my body, and fine lines engraved themselves deeper on my skin as if to say, “we’re here to stay.” Needless to say, it was an interesting year getting to know my “new” body.

I like to think that I’ve always been intuitive and in tune with my body and made conscious choices to better it. So when 36 came around, I definitely went into damage control and started making choices to change my lifestyle. Cutting out back on junk food has been a top priority and one that made a huge difference. Along with a better diet, I also started implementing vitamins into my morning routine and after much research, I finally found one that I love and makes me feel great! Nature’s Way Alive Multivitamins!

I love these Once Daily Ultra Potency multivitamins because they contain all of the following:

  1. 100%+ daily value of 20 vitamins & minerals with 12 of those vitamins & minerals being 200%+ daily value

  2. High potency B-vitamins

  3. Orchard Fruits™/ Garden Veggies™ & Daily Greens™ powder blend (60 mg)

  4. With greens, mushroom mycelium, enzymes, flax lignans, bioflavonoids, cranberry, choline, inositol, rutin and lutein

  5. Cardio and hair/skin/nails support blends*

Along with my daily nitro coffee, these vitamins have been an essential part of my new routine. Taking them as my morning routine helps keep me going all day long. I love that they help support my busy lifestyle that typically drains my body and mind but knowing that while I’m burning fuel, the vitamins are also doing their job to give back to my body the vitamins that it needs most is priceless! And with the holiday season approaching, I’m sure I’ll need all the help that I can get! To find out more, check out Alive! Multivitamins Instagram page here. Use the code 15ALIVE1 for 15% off here!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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