From SAHM to Working Mom. Transitioning to childcare.

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As many of you know, apart from my work on Instagram and as a mom, I also have a full time job. The transition from being a SAHM to going back to work was something I dread for a long time. The thought of leaving Mila when she was just 6 months old pained me and looking back, I still am not sure how I was able to do it. You would think that having two other children attend daycare at a young age, when it came to Mila, leaving her to go back to work would have been a familiar territory. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Because she is our last baby, I really wanted to savor every moment of her childhood and the feared that those moments would never come back to me. Not that I didn’t have the same feelings for my other kids, it’s just that this time around, I really knew that THIS WAS IT. This made it incredibly difficult and oh so painful.

The one thing that really calmed my nerves was realizing that the daycare that we chose for her was one with a great reputation and that we could trust. In the past, my other girls have attended Kindercare when we lived in Tucson and I loved our experience with them. Sadly, this time around we do not have one close by. Thinking about putting Mila into daycare caused for my deepest fears to come to light, the fear of missing out. I kept thinking about missing all of her major milestones because I was too busy at work and how I would never get those “first moments” back. Like many parents, we want to be there for every milestone and every “first” but we also have to keep in mind that despite our wants, we always have to do what’s right for our family.

For myself, knowing that my girls were in the right hands made the biggest difference. Being about to go to work with confidence in knowing that they were in good hands was priceless. Our adventure with Mila attending childcare is still fresh but from my past experience with Maddy and Maya attending Kindercare was nothing short of amazing. They had a great time transitioning to “school life” and came home excited to share what they learned. I can honestly say that seeing their excitement made it a little easier for me to drop them off everyday. So for those of you in transitioning back to work, just know that it does get easier. A wise friend once told me that somehow, your kids know and they wait for you to share their “firsts” and I couldnt agree more! Finding quality care will make all the difference in the world and help give you the peace of mind that we all need. Do your research to find that perfect daycare match for you and your family!

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