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The Moonstone Prime
  • Works best with greens and warmer tones.
  • Desaturates harshness with giving photos a effortless ethereal feel
  • Complimenting Edits: Pink Citrus and Black and white photos


  • MOBILE & DESKTOP VERSIONS OF ALL 4 premium presets (Prime, Warm, Cool and Specialty Preset).
  • 2 PDF Installation Guides. One for desktop installation and one for mobile installation. Mobile install does not require a Lightroom Subscription.


All sales are final. Unauthorized distribution of Kikhaly presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.


For easier access to all files, please download on a computer and not on your phone. Each purchase is allot only 2 downloads so it’s best to only click download when you are well connected to the internet. Installation guides are provided in each download.

To download via mobile:

  1. Download the Lightroom & WinZip app on your phone.
  2. After purchasing you will receive an email with the subject “YOUR DOWNLOADS ARE READY”, select the download link and then ‘open in’ the WinZip app. USE GOOGLE CHROME WHEN OPEING THE CONFIRMATION LINK FROM YOUR EMAIL IF SAFARI IS SLOW by downloading the google chrome app and logging into your email.
  3. Once in the Winzip App, open the the preset folders until you see the “MOBILEINSTALLGUIDE.PDF” and follow the instructions in the guide.



Please note that each preset will affect images differently due to conditions such as lighting conditions and white balance. You might have to slightly adjust each image to get your desired result. As this is a digital product and cannot be returned, refunds cannot be issued. Please make your selection carefully.





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