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Life’s been pretty hectic lately but I’m not going to make excuses for not blogging. It simply just wasn’t something I had time for until now. Aside from sharing pictures on Instagram I really missed being able to share more content and just life without worrying if my pictures will be in cohesion with my feed. I’m just going to jump right back into it.

Last week Minnow Swim, a new children’s swimsuit line, sent us the most adorable (umm my size too please) swimsuits for the girls. I’m sure you guys have seen these darling suits around and I have to say, in person they’re even better! So darling. I am slightly obsessed and need MORE! Thank goodness we live in the desert so these guys will be rocking them into late October! We’re headed to the pool today, and by headed I mean to our back yard and by pool I mean kiddie pool, to try and beat this heat. I swear, in my next life I will live somewhere where there’s four seasons. Freezing, warm, hot, and hell doesn’t really count!

Swimsuits: Minnow Swim

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